“Health & Wellness of Youth through Unani Medicine”

Topics for Conference
1.Concept of Sin-e-Shabab in Unani System of Medicine
2. Common ailments in youth & their management through Unani intervention
3.Mental Health issues
4. Unani Cosmetics
5. Application of Regimenal therapy
6. New research & development (R&D) in Unani drugs (single/compound formulation)
7.Current trends in demand & supply of Unani drugs & foods
8. Role of academia -industry interaction
9. Regulatory issues related to Unani drug manufacturing sector
10. Future roadmap for local & global expansion of Unani Medicine
11. Impact of the post Covid-19 Era on premature youth mortality
(Note: Abstracts not covered under the themes but innovative in nature and related to Unani System of Medicine may also be considered for the conference).
Instructions for submitting Abstract
The organizers of 6th UDMA Day invite submission of scientific abstract for oral or poster presentation. Abstracts of the paper in any of the above themes should be data oriented reflecting major findings of the paper. Theoretical statements should be avoided in abstract. The theme should be mentioned at the top. The name of the presenting author should be in bold. The abstract should contain no more than 250 words typed in MS Word, Times New Roman Font 12 pts and space 1.5. The abstract should be uploaded on UDMA website www.udmaindia.com during registration. The abstracts selected by the Scientific Committee will be printed in the Souvenir. Please contact for any difficulty or clarification regarding registration and submission of abstract on udmaday@gmail.com